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Flexible. Efficient. Economical.

Hilti’s MQ Strut portfolio includes innovative strut accessories that can be used to create a wide variety of support systems for mechanical/electrical applications. The Hilti MI Modular Steel System is an industrial support system that provides strength, durability, and flexibility. Both Hilti strut and modular steel support systems are ideal for pipe systems, cable trays, duct runs, electrical panel boxes, shelters, overhead medical grids and more.

Hilti MQ Strut Systems

The well-proven Hilti MQ Strut System for light and medium loads is a C-profile channel with serrated open edges rolled inwards. The strut provides an economical solution for mechanical, electrical, and industrial supports.

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Hilti MI Modular Steel Systems

Easy to install and extremely dependable, this system requires no welding. The Hilti MI system is a modular steel system for medium to heavy loads and an ideal solution for pipes and cable trays.

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Cable Tray Supports

For small cable tray supports, the Hilti Strut system provides an economical solution for creating trapeze supports. For larger cable tray runs, the Hilti MI Modular Steel system provides more flexible configurations compared to welded steel supports and eliminates safety concerns associated with the “hot work” environment of welding.

Pipe Supports

For mechanical, electrical, and plumbing piping supports use the Hilti MQ Strut and accessories to create trapezes, cantilevers, and other support structures. For industrial applications and larger diameter pipes, use our heavy duty MI Modular Steel system.

Overhead Medical Equipment Supports

Bring productivity and flexibility to the surgical suite with Hilti’s unique modular steel support system. Design a large structural plane with modular connections which allow easy attachment of overhead medical equipment and routing of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and medgas lines through the plenum space.

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Panel and Instrument Stands

Design robust panel stands in a variety of configurations to support a single or series of instrumentation, control, or electrical panels using the Hilti MI Modular Steel system. The MI system allow you to create adjustable and customizable configurations to meet your specific design needs.

Telecom Applications

With Hilti Strut and accessories, you can create a customized raised flooring system to meet your unique design needs. The durable and flexible Hilti Strut system can support heavy loads and be configured to accommodate most any floor tile size.


Stair landings, equipment platforms, and raised platforms can be constructed using both Hilti MI and MQ systems. From the column supports, to the stairs and handrails, you can create a customized platform structure to meet your unique project needs.

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