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Simplifying strength design calculations

The Hilti Simplified Design Tables is not a new “method” of designing an anchor that is different than the provisions of ACI 318 Appendix D or CSA A23.3 Annex D. Rather, it is a series of pre-calculated tables and reduction factors meant to help the designer create a quick calculation of the capacity of the Hilti anchor system, and still be compliant with the codes and criteria of ACI and CSA.

The Hilti Simplified Design Tables are formatted similar to the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) tables and reduction factors which was a standard of practice for design of post-installed anchors. The Hilti Simplified Design Tables combine the simplicity of performing a calculation according to the ASD method with the code-required testing, evaluation criteria and technical data in ACI Appendix D and CSA Annex D.

Simplified Design Tables – Data Development

The Simplified Tables have two table types. The single anchor capacity table and the reduction factor table.

Single anchor capacity tables show the design strength (for ACI) or factored resistance (for CSA) in tension and shear for a single anchor. This is the capacity of a single anchor with no edge distance or concrete thickness influences and is based on the assumptions outlined in the footnotes below each table.

Reduction factor tables are created by comparing the single anchor capacity to the capacity that includes the influence of a specific edge distance, spacing, or concrete thickness, using the equations of ACI 318-11 Appendix D.


Currently, the new Hilti Simplified Design Tables is provided exclusively within the Technical Supplement for the new HIT-HY 200 Safe Set Adhesive System. A brand new Hilti Product Technical Guide for Anchoring Systems will be published in the Fall 2013. The new technical guide will contain Hilti Simplified Design Tables for all our Strength Design compliant adhesive and mechanical anchors.

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