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The SD-M 1 Magazine is designed to dramatically speed up the drywall installation process by eliminating the need for the traditional single screw method of hanging drywall.

The SD-M 1 Magazine attaches to both corded and cordless Hilti drywall screwdrivers, transforming them instantly into fast-as-you-can-drive tools. Professional installers appreciate the fact that now they can keep their gloves on, because there’s no need to spin individual screws. But this innovative collated screw magazine increases efficiency in other ways, too: Jobsites littered with dropped single screws are a thing of the past.


  • Installing drywall
  • Exterior sheathing

Outperform and Outlast

  • High-speed drywall and exterior sheathing installation with one hand
  • Quick transition from collated tosingle screws and back again with a simple click, no tools needed
  • Compact size for corner accessibility
  • No length setting required when changing screw sizes
  • Dial in setting depth with the fine tune adjustment for consistent setting depth
  • Collated strips load quickly andeasily and can be conveniently stored and re-loaded with a click
  • Compatible with the SD 4500-A18 for cordless productivity