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Powder-actuated, gas-actuated, and screw fastening

Screw Fastening

Screw fastening systems are commonly used for the attachment to cold-formed steel members. Self-drilling screws allow for direct attachment without the need for additional equipment such as a drill bit or welding machine making screw fastening portable, fast and lightweight.

When selecting the right screw for your application, you must evaluate the following:

Corrosion Resistant Screws

The Hilti Bi-Metal Kwik Flex screws are made of 300 series stainless alloy which is virtually immune to Hydrogen-Assisted Stress-Corrosion Cracking (HASCC). Ideal for exterior sheathing, curtain wall systems, windows/storefronts, and other exposed fastening/coastal/aggressive environments, the bi-metal technology provides outstanding corrosion resistance and long service life.

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Steel to Steel Applications

Hilti’s S-MD 12-24 self-drilling screws with a #4 or #5 drill point are applicable for use in roof deck/floor deck to structural member, panel/panel clips to structural member, accessories (clips, etc.) to structural members and assembly of multiple layers of metal to steel.

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Wood to Steel Applications

Hilti’s Pilot Point Screws, Wafer Head Screws, or Winged Reamer Screws are ideal solutions for wood to steel applications. Some applications include use with untreated wood to steel framing, plywood to steel framing, and exterior sheathing. For treated lumber consider the Kwik-Flex or Bi-Metal Kwik-Flex screws.

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