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Software for post-installed anchor seismic design

PROFIS Anchor has the capability of performing seismic calculations according to the American design method ACI 318-08, Appendix D. Once a designer has established the seismic loads acting on a fastening, a seismic anchor design can be performed keeping in mind the following important steps:

1. Selecting the design method
Upon opening a new calculation with PROFIS Anchor, a user will be prompted to enter the preferred design standard. Select ICC based design, which refers to design with ACI 318-08, Appendix D.

2. Indicate seismic design
Under the loads tab select strength design according to ACI 318/AC193/AC 308 and click the button indicating seismic design. Upon clicking this button, you will then need to select between three seismic design approaches.

3. Enter the appropriate seismic design approach

Note that all three of these provisions are acceptable design cases based on your application condition.

Ductile anchor yielding

  • Select (D.3.3.4) if the steel strength of a ductile anchor element has the highest percent design utilization.
  • When this option is selected, PROFIS Anchor will filter the solution for products that satisfy the ACI 318-08 definition of a ductile steel element.
  • Selecting this option when a ductile anchor yielding is not the limiting resistance will result in a design report output of “fastening does not meet the design criteria!”

Ductile fixture yielding

  • Select (D.3.3.5) assuming the anchor attachment is being designed to yield in a ductile manner as the limiting resistance. (capacity design of the fixture must be performed)
  • When this option is selected, you will be prompted to re-input the design loads corresponding to the loads at which yielding of the anchor attachment would occur.

Non-ductile failure

  • Select (D.3.3.6) corresponding to a limiting design resistance of brittle steel failure, concrete failure, or anchor pull-out. Based on this option, a reduction factor of 0.4 (ΦNonductile) will be applied to the design strength as instructed by the ACI 318-08 code.
  • For common jobsite applications with limited edge distance and anchor spacing, it is often necessary to design for a non-ductile limiting resistance.

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