Powder-actuated, gas-actuated, and screw fastening

Powder-actuated fasteners

Power-actuated fastening systems are recognized as a safe, acceptable, and cost effective method of making fastenings into various base materials such as concrete, steel, and masonry. Designers can utilize our innovative power-actuated fasteners in the design of partition walls, sill plate attachments, ceiling hangers, pipe/conduit hangers, and much more.

Perimeter Wall

Perimeter wall applications as part of curtain walls and bypass balloon framing are common in steel and metal framed structures. Light gauge steel framing and track along the outside perimeter of the building can be fastened directly to steel framing members or concrete slab edges using Hilti powder-actuated fastening solutions. Hilti offers attachments solutions for deflection slip clip connections.

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Drywall Track Fastening

Hilti offers both powder-actuated and gas-actuated systems for attaching drywall track to concrete or steel. Powder-actuated fastening systems typically have more power than gas-actuated fastening systems allowing for higher application limits with various base materials. Powder actuated fasteners can be used for drywall track of attaching 2x4 wood members to concrete slabs, concrete over metal deck, CMU block, or steel.

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Sill Plate Fastening

The 2-7/8” Hilti X-CF, X-CP, and X-CR-L fasteners are specifically designed for attaching wood sill plates to concrete substrates. Hilti offers a suitable solution for all sill plate application conditions, including pressure treated lumber. The pre-assembled washer is stamped with material/coating identification for easy inspection.

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Threaded Studs

The Hilti threaded stud program provides a fast and reliable solution for making attachments to concrete or steel base materials. Threaded studs are available in standard carbon steel or SAE 316 equivalent corrosion resistance in order to meet a wide variety of applications.

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Suspended Wires

For supporting suspended ceiling grids, lighting, or other suspended wire support applications, Hilti has pre-wired assemblies as well as ceiling clip systems.

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Electrical and Mechanical Clips and Hangers

Hilti offers a large assortment of rod hangers, cable holders, cable clamps, cable ties, and conduit clips to support routing of mechanical / electrical lines.

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Grating and Checkerplate

Hilti provides a wide range of solutions for the attachment of grating. These solutions allow attachment of different grating heights, are available in stainless steel or have HDG equivalent corrosion resistance, and provide removable or permanent attachment methods.

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