Innovation in V-form.

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The new cast-in anchor channel generation.

With over 60 years of experience in fastening systems, Hilti is your reliable partner for secure anchor solutions. We have now further extended our range of products to include a new generation of cast-in anchor systems for reliable load transfer to concrete structures — the Hilti HAC anchor channel.

Innovative V-form for high performance

The classic anchor channel cross section has been optimized with the aid of advanced computer simulation and through extensive testing. The resulting innovative V-form allows higher loads to be taken at edge zones where shear loads occur. 


Designed for static loads

Only very low displacement occurs under service loads with Hilti anchor channels in cracked concrete. The anchor channels exhibit ductile behavior when the ultimate limit state is exceeded.

Designed for fatigue loads

The new design method employed allows fatigue loads to be taken into account in terms of short-term as well as long-term fatigue strength for tensile loads acting in conjunction with static loads. The basis for this is formed by the Wöhler fatigue strength curves determined experimentally for the entire oscillation spectrum.

Designed for loads occurring on exposure to fire.

An all-encompassing design concept for anchor channels was developed for the first time. This concept takes loads occurring during exposure to fire into account in accordance with the standard time-temperature curve (ETK and ISO 834, DIN 4102 T.2) for pure tensile as well as shear loading. Design calculations are made according to EOTA TR020 or, respectively, CEN/TS 1992-4.


The Hilti Anchor Channel is typically used for new construction and yields higher holding values and performance. Installing the channel before the placement of concrete reduces the interference with the reinforcing bars thus reducing the risk of damaging structural reinforcing.

Matching, streamlined system

  • One anchor channel type for static and fatigue loads as well as loads occurring in the event of fire
  • Streamlined system with only three bolt types covering the entire range of anchor channels 
  • HAC 30 channels are compatible with the Hilti MQ installation channel system

Time-saving, well-sealed system.

The LDPE closed-cell foam filling equipped with a tear-out strip can be removed quickly, thus saving labor costs. Plastic end caps also help keep concrete slurry out of the channels.

Tests and approvals

Under the number ETA-11/0006, the Hilti HAC cast-in channel system has been approved for use under static as well as fatigue loads and loads occurring in the event of fire.

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