Hilti provides one of the most comprehensive list of tested firestop systems in the industry. With nearly 1,000 tested firestop systems and counting, we are focused on providing firestop details to meet your unique design and jobsite conditions.

Our in-house test lab conducts firestop testing in accordance with ASTM E814 / UL 1479 for through penetration firestop systems and ASTM E1966 / UL 2079 for construction joint firestop systems. These test procedures are used to determine the F-rating and T-rating that can be achieved by a specific firestop system assembly. In addition, optional tests can be conducted to determine the air leakage rating (L-rating) and water leakage rating (W-rating) of a firestop system assembly.

Tested assembly removed from furnace Tested assembly removed from furnace
Hose stream test after furnace burn Hose stream test after furnace burn
When your jobsite condition does not exactly match the requirements of a specific tested firestop system, then a Firestop Engineering Judgment can be requested. Through our extensive testing knowledge of our firestop products, we can help identify the appropriate firestopping solution for your unique jobsite condition.

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