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Fire protection systems and solutions for virtually any opening, construction joint or penetration.

Hilti Firestop Design Center
Hilti’s firestop systems provide designers and specifiers a wide range of firestop solutions for virtually any opening or penetration through which fire, heat or smoke might pass. Throughout the entire Firestopping process, from creating project specifications, providing training to assist with proper installation of your chosen system or assisting with your final inspection, Hilti will be there, whether in your office or on your project job site, to offer our support and expertise.

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Hilti offers one of the most comprehensive libraries of UL Firestop System solutions to address your project firestopping needs. Utilize our online library to filter and search for the firestop system detail that matches your jobsite condition.

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Firestop Engineering Judgments

When a jobsite firestop application deviates from our wide variety of tested firestop systems, our trained and degreed fire protection engineers are ready to provide you a customized engineering design to meet your needs. Submit an online request.

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Secondary Attributes of Firestop

Firestop Solutions for M/E/P Piping Penetrations

Hilti’s portfolio of pre-formed cast-in and drop-in firestop devices are ideal solutions for pipe penetrations through a concrete floor or concrete over metal deck application. Our array of firestop sealants, including the FS-ONE MAX Intumescent Firestop Sealant, is ideal for firestopping pipe/conduit penetrations through various wall assemblies including gypsum, concrete, and masonry.

View typical details for MEP penetrations

Firestop Solutions for Cable Management

The innovative Hilti CP653 Speed Sleeve, in addition to the CFS-RK Retrofit Sleeve, CFS-SL Sleeve Kit, and CFS-CC Cable Collar system provides customers with a complete portfolio of cable management firestop devices ideal for properly firestopping either new or existing (retrofit) cabling applications. These devices making installation and re-penetration of the opening easier.

View typical details for cable penetrations

Smoke and acoustic sleeve CS-SL SA

Introducing Hilti’s Smoke & Acoustic Sleeve (CS-SL SA) to manage cable penetrations in non fire-rated floors and walls. This new cable management device will simplify penetrations in smoke and sound partitions by utilizing a single point of entry for cable moves, adds and changes. Healthcare, higher education, and government facilities will benefit from the Smoke Sleeve’s superior In Use acoustical performance and the lowest L-ratings in the industry. 

Firestop Solutions for Curtain Wall / Perimeter

Firestopping of the edge of slab along the perimeter of a building is dependent upon the components of the exterior sheathing from curtain wall assemblies to pre-cast concrete panels to cold formed steel framing and sheathing. The Hilti CFS-SP WB Firestop Spray is one of the more widely used firestop products for edge of slab conditions.

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Firestop Solutions for Top of Wall

When fire rated walls intersect the underside of a concrete deck, metal deck, or other fire rated floor/ceiling assembly, the joint between the top-of-wall and floor/ceiling must be firestopped to maintain the rating of the fire rated wall assembly. Hilti’s CFS-TTS Top Track Seal, CP606 Flexible Sealant and CFS-SP WB Firestop Spray are ideal solutions for firestopping the top-of-wall condition.

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Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractors

Find Firestop Specialty Contractors

A Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC) is an independent professional firestop installer who has been provided specialized training by Hilti; and who has committed to provide building owners, general contractors, and subcontractors with a full service solution for all their firestopping needs. When you choose to use a Hilti Accredited FSC, you are selecting a trained firestop installation specialist committed to applying proven Hilti firestopping technology and innovation in your building to minimize the risk of loss due to fire, smoke, and toxic gases.


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