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X-BT W10 Threaded stud (for coated steel, whitworth)

Base materials: Steel

Washer size: 1/2 in

Material composition: Duplex stainless steel (1.4462)



Corrosion resistant: suitable for marine, offshore and petrochemical applications, power plants, etc.

Versatile: suitable for use on most standard and high-strength construction steels

Secure: creates a true weld to the base material for an extremely strong hold and high loading capacity

Portable, cordless system: eliminates the need for long electric supply cords

Fast: ideal for fastening directly to coated or treated steel


Fastening cable trays, channels, struts, light-duty electrical installation (T-bars, instrumentation panels, junction boxes), fitting out and much more

Exterior lightning protection systems

Designed to work on steel thicknesses of 8 mm (5/16") and above

X-BT W10 Threaded stud (for coated steel, whitworth)


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X-BT W10 Threaded stud (for coated steel, whitworth)

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X-BT W10 Threaded stud (for coated steel, whitworth)

X-BT W10 Threaded stud (for coated steel, whitworth)