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With extensive research, testing, and development, Hilti’s technical excellence in design has produced the most innovative anchoring system portfolio in the industry. Hilti has a wide variety of code compliant chemical, mechanical, and screw anchors that can be utilized for base plate attachments, doweling applications, and many other attachment applications for concrete or masonry construction.

In addition, the PROFIS Anchor software and the new Hilti Simplified Design Tables are examples of how we are making design calculations easier for engineers.

Technical Data for Hilti Concrete and Masonry Anchors

The Hilti Product Technical Guide Volume 2 – Anchor Fastening provides detailed technical data including load capacity tables for our complete portfolio of adhesive and mechanical anchoring products. With the new Hilti Simplified Design Tables, we make it easier to evaluate anchors based on the Strength Design method required by code.

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Concrete Anchors

Whether you are anchoring a column baseplate or need equipment anchorage, Hilti provides a variety of adhesive and mechanical anchoring systems to secure steel elements or equipment to concrete.

Rebar Doweling into Concrete

For slab extensions, wall extensions, and other general rebar doweling applications, Hilti’s adhesive anchoring systems providea reliable solution for post-installed reinforcement applications.

Façade Attachment

A versatile solution due to the different types of both mechanical and chemical anchor characteristics, Hilti's post-installed anchors are used on both new construction and renovation projects. Whether the project requires immediate loading or close edge distances or high loads, Hilti’s anchor portfolio contains the solutions for many jobsite needs.

Anchors for Mechanical and Electrical Supports

Attaching pipe hangers or strut support systems to the underside of a concrete deck can be accomplished using Hilti’s Kwik HUS-ES-I screw anchor or Kwik Bolt TZ expansion anchor. You can also utilize our color coded Hilti Cast-In (HCI) anchor for your single point threaded rod supports.

Concrete Bolts for Handrails and Guardrails

For installation of balcony railings, handrails, or guardrails, Hilti has anchoring solutions for anchorage into concrete or masonry. Hilti provides permanent attachment solutions or internally threaded solutions which allow for removal of the railings.

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